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Betsan Mosaix -- Serene Mosaic Glass Tile

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    A reference company in the field of glass mosaic
    Our Collections ... New lifestyles require new products. Betsan Mosaix is a leader in creating unique spaces. Innovation is not just a goal. We are the reference company that can guide customers in following trends and innovations in the market. The collections are designed down to the last detail with a sense of warmth. All of these are some of the elements that have led Betsan to be recognized as a reference company in the field of glass mosaic.

    History -- In 1992, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipaliy of Turkey Betsan Cam Seramik Sanayi ve Tic. A.S. is the leading company in glass mosaic production sector. Betsan Mosaix is able to store 150.000m2 mosaic in its factory, producing 4.000 m2 for 8.000m2 indoor area for hundreds of different customers all over the World. Betsan Mosaix is fully aware of the importance of environmental protection and all glass used as raw material is 100% recyclable. Betsan Mosaix is sensitive to the enviroment and has all the quality certificates. Betsan Mosaix has always adopted an innovative approach and is the first manufacturer of the SilyCord System, which has been developed for fast and excellent mosaic application using advanced technology. Betsan Mosaix has a full range of products for the desing of colorfull collections, new colors and patterns, modern pool, spa-wellness and decorative spaces. Betsan Mosaix has achieved to provide the highest quality service to its customers with its products reaching to every corner of the World from any port of Turkey quickly and reliably.

    Halkalı Caddesi No: 162 Sefaköy 34295 Küçükçekmece - İstanbul / Türkiye
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    Phone:  +90 212 548 05 48   FAX:  +90 212 698 25 73