BCS America

Best small-scale agricultural equipment in the world to the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean
BCS is the largest European manufacturer of premium quality, all-gear-driven, two-wheel tractors and attachments. Millions of customers in over 80 countries depend upon BCS quality every day to accomplish a multitude of demanding tasks, including tilling, mowing, snow removal, chipping, sweeping, and more. BCS America, founded in 1975, distributes BCS tractors, accessories, and parts throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. With unprecedented sales in 2010, it's safe to say BCS America has had a significant impact on the small-scale agricultural market with its quality products. BCS owners love its durability, as it's designed for decades -- not years -- of dependable service.

What separates BCS from the competition is its sleek design, which allows for the easy transfer of over 80 attachments to accomplish a plethora of outdoor tasks. It also features 180-degree rotating handle bars creating an easy, one-step process to seamlessly transform your tractor from walk-behind tiller to a push mower, among many other uses. It's a unique and beneficial design that is unprecedented in the U.S. outdoor power equipment market.

Address:   5001 N. Lagoon Ave. Portland, OR 97217
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Phone:  503-252-1249   FAX:  800-777-7069


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