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    GROWER RESOURCES .... Whether you are new to growing trees or have a lot of experience and are simply looking for some new tips, the Bailey website hosts a range of resources dedicated to supporting you. In addition to your knowledgeable Sales Representative, access these tools anytime online.
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    Growing what’s next™
    ... At Bailey, we're all about growing. And we invite you to grow along with us.

    For over a century, people have relied on Bailey Nurseries to provide the highest-quality plants and unrivaled customer service. We stand behind everything we grow — feet firmly planted in the dirt. And we never make promises we can't keep. But Bailey is more than a trusted resource for fulfilling our customers’ needs. Now, more than ever, we are focused on what's next —from our proprietary plant breeding and trial programs to our digital-age marketing efforts to our technology-driven fulfillment solutions.

    Premier Brands to Grow Your Bottom-Line
    With our superior genetics, quality-grown products, inviting packaging and consumer marketing, Bailey brands instill customer confidence and command premium retail prices. Our First Editions®, Endless Summer and Easy Elegance® collections, along with our other premium brands, continually push the boundaries of what can be accomplished with exceptional plants.

    Partnership That's Always In Season
    As a fifth-generation, family-owned company, we take pride in providing our customers with the best horticultural products and services, year after year. Our mission is to help retailers, growers and landscapers create a world landscape that is more beautiful, diverse and sustainable.

    Address:     1325 Bailey Rd. St. Paul, MN 55119
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    Phone:    (800) 829-8898   FAX:  (800) 829-8894


    Easy to grow, easy to sell, and easy to enjoy.
    Easy Elegance® roses are unrivaled in their prolific blooms and elegance. Incredibly disease and pest resistant, these hardy shrubs provide the beauty and poise of tea roses — without the fuss. We pride ourselves on leading the way in rose innovation. Growers need performance, retailers demand consistency and color, landscapers require reliability and consumers want success. Easy Elegance® makes your choice simple.


    Endless Summer® introduced the world to hydrangeas that could bloom on old and new growth. What started as The Original, with its more compact size and distinctive blue or pink flowers, has blossomed into a collection of five eye-popping varieties. With meticulously fine-tuned genetics, distinctive packaging and national marketing support, Endless Summer® is as perfect for retailers, growers and landscapers as it is for your customers’ front yards.


    Our First Editions® collection offers a simple, beautiful solution for any project, anywhere. Our regional assortments thrive in both warm and cold climates, so wherever you’re selling, we’re growing. Over a hundred unique varieties of premium shrubs, trees, evergreens and vines, each one selected and tested for success. Enjoy first-in-class genetics, regional assortments, attractive packaging and national marketing support.


    We go well beyond providing amazing plants and service. No matter your market segment, we aim to deliver the products and resources necessary to make your business successful.

    JumpStarts® - Developed by growers, for growers
    JumpStarts® potted liners allow you to extend your growing window beyond springtime. This not only spreads out labor costs, but it enables you to align production timing to quickly and easily meet customer demands. Control growth early on to avoid the woody structure of Bareroot varieties such as Syringa and Euonymus.

    Bareroot -- Success from the roots up.
    At Bailey Nurseries, our Finished Products are the largest consumer of Bareroot liners. As a fellow grower, you can trust that you’re getting the same quality liners for your own production. Many of those liners get their start in our own tissue culture lab, seed beds, and from rooted cuttings propagated in our own greenhouses and fields in Minnesota and Oregon. Controlling the quality from the start gives you the opportunity to get the best plant money can buy.