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AIVAKA -- Irrigation Setup To A Wireless System

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    Connect any 24V Controller to Valves, Pumps, and Flow-Sensors With NO Wires
    Our product are designed to change an existing irrigation setup to a wireless system. Controllers can be connected to the valves, pumps and other controllers without any wires in between. Same controller, same valves, pumps and flow-sensors, but NO MORE wires. Connect only ONE or multiple valves to any 24V controller including (even a 2-wire system) and save the trouble of digging and trenching. Connect a 'Node" operated valve to a controller and stop dealing with changing the batteries. No more damage to irrigation and other electrical devices due to lightning strike. Transmitter is connected to the controller and receiver is connected to the valve (or pump). Once the zone is activated and power is applied to the transmitter, the transmitter sends a signal to Receiver to activate the valve or pump. There is no programming needed, no configuration, just simple plug & play. Once the zone is off, the transmitter goes off and valve or pump shuts down.

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    Q - Where do I purchase your products?  Do you work with a distributor?

    A - You can purchase our gear directly from us, send us an email with your order or simply call us.  And, no, at this time we are NOT working with any distributor anywhere.

    Q - Do you make controllers?

    A - No we don't.  Our gear connect a controller to valves, pumps and flow-sensors without wires, our gear simply replaces the wiring.

    Q - Would your gear work with any controller and valve, or do I need to buy a new controller and new valves?

    A - Our gear works with any standard 24V controller.  As for valves, our gear works with almost all valves out there for landscaping and general irrigation.

    Q - Do I need to change the solenoid on the valve?

    A - No, our gear works with almost all of the common 24V-AC solenoids.  Unless the solenoid is a very fancy and special kind, then please call us and we can see if we can figure something out.

    Q - Can you recommend a valve or a controller?

    A - We rather NOT do that, but we can point you to some folks who would be able to help you out with that decision.   We are not in the business of valves or controllers and hate to give advice on those, good or bad.

    Q - Does this come with an App for my cell phone?

    A - No.

    Q - So how do I control the valve or pump?

    A - The controller that you have would control the valve or pump, our gear simply replaces the wiring between the valve or pump to that controller.  Controller is in charge of "controlling", right?!

    Q - I want to control my valves with my cell phone, so your gear does it?

    A - No.  If you have (or will get) a controller that is connected to the cloud, then you can control your valve with your cell phone.

    Q - How do we program these devices once we buy them?

    A - No need to program anything, we program everything in our shop and ship them to you.  So, it is just plug & play on your end. 

    Q - I got a house with "so-&-so" controller and "so-&-so" size and I need one valve to be connected to the controller, can I use your gear?

    A - Short answer is YES.  Our gear is really not a good fit for average homes due to the cost.  But, we will sell it to you if you want or need it.  We have been saving a good deal time and money for schools, farms, office complexes and HOA's due to the need to extensive digging and trenching and longer distances between valves, pumps, flow sensors and controller. 

    Q - Is this a WiFi or Bluetooth?  Can I control your gear from my cell phone?

    A - Answer is a solid NO to all of those question.  Our gear runs on a 900MHz frequency and it is a closed system so communication is only between the transmitter and receiver boxes we provide.  So, no cell phone control is possible.

    Q - How the solar panel connected to the box?  Are they outside the box?

    A - The solar panel of our products are inside the box, all of them are inside.  The box has a clear cover, so everything is inside the box and you don't have to worry about installing the solar panel.  BUT, please make sure the box stays clean and not covered with dirt, bird poop (very common), paint or anything else.

    Q - Do these devices work around corner of a building?  What if there is a wall or some trees and shrubs?  Does it have to be line of sight?

    A - ALL RF devices will operate around a corner, even if they are NOT in line of sight.  The distance or range would highly be dependent on what is between the transmitter and receiver.  A stucco wall (with the "chicken wire" in it) or steel framed building would reduce the range quickly.  Trees generally are not an issue, unless we are talking about a bunch of them like in an orchard, then antennas have to be raised above the canopies.

    Q - Would your products work with a 2-wire system?

    A - Yes, not all, but yes.

    Q - How does the transmitters are powered?  Do they need an extra power source like a 12V or 5V supply?

    A - NO, no need for additional power source.  Transmitters are powered directly from the controller, there is NO need to additional power source. 

    Q - How can we extend the range?

    A - We used a general purpose Yagi antenna for the receiver and managed to extend the range to 3 miles with bunch of trees and buildings and couple barns in the middle.   The antenna was placed about 16 feet above ground.   We can customize the box for an external antenna and ship the antenna and box to you with needed hardware to mount them.

    Q - Can we place the transmitters inside the metal box that houses the controller?

    A - Yes, BUT the antenna needs to be placed outside the metal box.  We will provide needed antenna and cable for your project if the controller needs to be placed in a metal box.  RF signals die in a metal box, that is how things are just like cell phone signal in a metal frame building.

    Q - Do you do custom solutions if we have a need for it?

    A - Yes.

    Q - Do I need to have direct sun light all the time on the receiver?  Do the receivers need sunlight "all the time"?

    A - Yes.  We recommend direct sun light, minimum of 4 hours a day.

    Q - Is there a battery inside the receiver?

    A - Yes, the battery runs the valve and it would be trickle charged by the solar panel.  The solar panel is NOT running the solenoid on the valve.

    Q - How long is the warranty?

    A - Three years, but our products are NOT covered for damage caused by lightning strikes or power surges, or if our products are run over by a car or truck, damaged by a baseball bat or brick or any other object, vandalism, and damage caused by flood.

    Q - Do I need to buy a different controller?

    A - No.  If you have a controller and if it works for you, then you can use what you have.  If you do not have a controller, then you need one.  All of our devices work with any standard 24V controller, they also work with 2-wire systems.

    Q - Can I use your product outside USA?  Will you ship to outside to USA?

    A - Our gear is only certified by FCC here in USA, so we will not ship it outside USA under any condition.

    Q - What about lightning?  How does this help?

    A - No more wires between valves or pumps, so a direct hit on a valve or pump, or any other gear doesn't travel to other devices.  Maybe one valve and box is fried, but everything else stays put.  Direct hit on one device is isolated to that device ONLY.  

    Q - We have a pump with so&so voltage and so&so horse power, can you get a pump start for that?

    A - Yes, any voltage or power.  Just let us know what you need.

    Q - We got x numbers of controllers scattered around our property, can we combine them in one place and NOT run new wires?  We also want to use ONE controller only for the property.

    A - Yes, we got very unique group of products for a project like yours.  Call us up and we help you get it done.

    Q - Does your gear work with any flow sensor?

    A - Not ALL, but most, call us up and let us know what you have and we can let you know.
    Back in 2014 the irrigation setup in my house needed some serious work.  I had to change the location of one of the valves, and all of the wires between controller and all of the valves were ruined and had to be changed.

    I started looking for a way to connect the valves I had to the controller I had, BUT without running any wires.  After all, it was 2014 and everything has gone wireless "allegedly" and naturally someone or some company had done it. It has to be on the shelf somewhere, right?

    After more than 2 or 3 trips to local hardware stores and various distributors and a handful of phone calls to different companies I found out there is no such thing.  I did get few laughs and some strange looks in the stores when I asked for a wireless retrofit gizmo.  But I could not find anything that would do the job.

    So, natural thing was to post the question online which of course brought out all the smart A... ligators and definitely got some good laughs.

    Few told me to change everything to DC-latched valves (hockey pucks) and be done with it, and some told me to just rewire the system and forget the whole thing.  To make the story short, I got a bunch of advice and some hot air here and there, but it was all good.  Couple folks told me "if" there was such a thing, then they can use it. 

    So, I built it because I needed it for my own use.  I was NOT going to rewire the system and definitely wasn't going to get any DC valves.   Plus, the challenge of building the darn thing was an added bonus.

    Well, a neighbor saw it, asked for it, and then one thing led to another and here it is! 

    Maybe this can save someone some digging, some frustration, and some time that goes with debugging bad wires and such. 

    This was my story about why!

    Yours truly,