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TDI Brands -- Supplying innovative products to the garden center industry
TDI Brands brings you innovative, distinctive, and timeless garden products. We offer exclusive brands that set us apart as your first choice for gardening supplies. These brands include: TDI Brands, Tierra Garden, TDI Carts & Liners, Stone Age Creations, DeWit Hand Tools, Haxnicks Plant Protection & Garden Solutions, Little Pals Kids Tools, SK Pottery, Wagner Plant Caddies, Peacock Plant Supports, Eurogarden Kids, and Birds & Beyond Birdbaths.
MANTS Show Specials:   Shopping Cart & Trunk Liner Sale

Lambert Peat Moss -- At the root of your success since 1928!
Superior & Consistent Gowing Media ... For over 90 years, we have been acknowledged as a leader in the sphagnum peat moss industry. Lambert’s success is based on their obsession for quality control ... whether if you are a professional grower or an amateur horticulturist. Brands:  • LM-Germination, Plugs & Seedlings Mixes • LM-All Purpose Mixes • LM-High Porosity Mixes • LM-Organic Mixes • LM-Bark Mixes • LM-Custom Blends • EPM Mixes (EcoPeatPlus+) • The Green Formula Mixes • Peat Moss

Henri Studio & GEKA Watering Systems
Stop by, take a look at all that is new! and be rewarded with our show specials with your orders. Brands:  Henri Studio's unrivaled cast stone fountains and garden decor, Brass Baron's premium bronze pond statues and garden sculptures, and GEKA's elite watering and connect systems.

Wholesale Plant Saucers & Liners – Clear Floral Boxes & Cork Mats
Curtis Wagner Plastics is an accepted leader in the plastics industry and specializes in providing the most advanced and durable products for lawn and garden centers and other retail outlets. We offer a full line of clear vinyl products.
Show Special: CW-8041 8-Tier Clear Vinyl Plant Saucer Metal Floor Display. Our metal A-Frame floor displays are the best way to display the high quality custom engineered plant saucers

gardenUP -- garden design platform
gardenUP is an online platform for garden design. A user answers 5 simple questions, and are shown suitable designs filtered from our library of more than 200 designs. Each gardenUP design is scalable and instantly purchasable.   Trade Show Special:
Free Trial for Spring - Get access to GC Level content on the gardenUP platform

Coast of Maine Brands - Coast of Maine & Frey Group
Coast of Maine Organic Products, inc. is a company founded in Maine that has been producing truly exceptional, organically approved, compost-based soils, enriching mulches, soil supplements and liquid fertilizers, for more than 20 years.
Brands:   Coast of Maine Organic Products, Coast of Maine Brands, Frey group Soil, Frey Group Mulch, Frey Twin Oaks, Frey Four Corners, Master Nursery, Bumper Crop

Bloom (DC Water) -- Soil conditioner made from Class A biosolids
Bloom is an EPA Certified Class A Exceptional Quality Biosolids soil amendment. It is a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and an affordable alternative to compost. Bloom gives trees, turf and flowers a boost as it is high in organic matter and rich in nutrients.   Featured @ MANTS: Woody Blend – Sustainable Soil Conditioner

East Jordan Plastics -- The Responsible Choice for Horticultural Containers
East Jordan Plastics, Inc is a horticultural plastic container manufacturer and a family owned business for over 75 years. Our wide selection of growing pots, plug and propagation trays, plant flats and inserts is augmented by our ability to customize orders. New colors, different venting designs, thinking outside the box, plant tray or growing pot… we’re happy to work with you.   Featured @ MANTS: Stadium Shuttle Pot and Shuttle Tray

GoDEX International -- Barcode printing products
Established in 1993 GoDEX International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high-performance category. We offer a full line of thermal printers for creating tree wraps, plant stakes, self labels, and custom satin ribbon for gifts or bouquets.
Featured @ MANTS: GoDEX's HD830i thermal printer

Huplaso Natural Mineralizer -- We give life to your soil
Huplaso is a unique rock dust which guarantees the addition of at least 57 macro, micro and trace elements to your soil, improving plant yield by more than 35%. This product for organic use is a mineralizer and a liming product with a high level of paramagnetism, bringing several advantages to agriculture.
Featured @ MANTS:   All-Purpose + Lawn Mineralizers

Lake Valley Seed -- packet garden seed for retail locations
Lake Valley Seed is a national, full line garden seed company with more than 35 years of experience as a trusted resource for flower, herb, and vegetable seeds. Distributed in garden centers, hardware stores, farm and ranch stores, grocers, and other retail stores throughout the United States.   Featured @ MANTS:   Organic Floor Spinner Display

NewLine Hardscapes -- will blend with your natural landscape for a lifetime
NewLine Hardscapes is a manufacturer of premium concrete pavers, patio slabs, seating walls, fire pits and retaining walls. We also distribute a line of porcelain pavers. We distribute our products through authorized dealers from New Jersey to North Carolina.
Brands: NewLine Hardscapes, Landmark Ceramics, Lume Outdoor Lighting, Alliance

Syngenta Flowers - hybrid flower seed and cuttings
Syngenta Flowers North America is one of the largest wholesale breeders of hybrid flower seed and cuttings in the world – developing and producing flower seeds and cuttings for growers internationally. Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to the breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in the professional greenhouse, at retail, in the landscape and in the home garden.   Featured @ MANTS: Spectra™ New Guinea impatiens

Techniseal -- polymer sands
Since 1984, Techniseal has been offering high-end products for the installation, maintenance, and protection of outdoor living spaces. A world leader in the development of polymer sands and other jointing technologies.  Featured @ MANTS: NOCOSTORM™ -- permeable multi-weather jointing compound for pavers

Wilt-Pruf -- Plant Protector ... The Proven, Longer Lasting Anti-Transpirant
Guards against moisture loss year 'round. The safe way to reduce moisture loss when plants are under water stress due to: winter kill; windburn; drought; transplant shock. Anti-transpirants are used to protect plants from drying out when under water stress. Wilt-Pruf® is a natural pine oil emulsion that is non-hazardous and biodegradable.
Featured @ MANTS: Wilt-Pruf Concentrate

STAY CONNECTED -- Prior Year Exhibitor Highlights @ MANTS

Henri Studio / Stonecasters LLC @ MANTS -- The Creativity Continues
Stop by our booth to see if you qualify for free goods on your Henri Studio Spring order. Henri Studio is the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of Cast Stone Garden Décor; featuring Fountains, Statuary, Planters, Birdbaths, Tables, Benches, and more!

Wood Trellis: MANTS Special - 5% discount on Spring 2022 orders
Wood Trellis Designs LLC is a WHOLESALE-ONLY business that manufactures a broad line of wooden products. A trellis is the perfect addition to any garden! Imagine climbing vines and colorful blooms, the contrast between natural elements and constructed wood elements, left to weather naturally, adding to and enhancing your home’s appeal.

Stover Special Offer @ MANTS: Free Labels with Printer Purchase
Confirm your order at the show for a new Stover SM6.0 Modified Printer and we'll include a case of your favorite labels with your order. Choose from 13 colors of wrap tags, 6 colors of pot stakes or a case of any size adhesive labels. The SM6.0 Printer raises the bar for all "modified" thermal printers. Don't buy your next printer until you have seen this one in action. Stop by our booth for a live demonstration!

Organic Laboratories - Specials @ MANTS: 15% Off Show Orders
The Bee Safe Spray That’s People and Pet Friendly Too! Organocide® BEE SAFE 3-in-1 Garden Spray is an insecticide, miticide and fungicide that has been used in organic gardening for nearly three decades.

Ceramo Company-- MANTS Special: Inventory Ready To Ship!
We feature flower pots and planters from almost 20 different manufacturers located in 8 different countries, and our catalog collections offer one of the largest product selections in the industry. Ceramo sells its pots directly to independent garden centers across the country.

Bloom -- MANTS Special: 50% Off First Order and Free Delivery!
Bloom is offering 50% off all first-time orders, with free delivery within a 40 mile radius of Washington, DC, for all MANTS attendees. Stop by our booth to learn more about our products, or visit our Bloom for Landscaping, Bloom for Lawns, Bloom for Home Gardens or Bloom for Farms page for more detailed information online!

Organic Control (Orcon) -- Product Showcase @ MANTS
Keep Garden Pests at Bay - The Fun & Natural Way! Live ladybugs contained in a tamper resistant cup (24 selling units per case). Ladybugs eat 50 soft bodied insect pests per day, are non-invasive, and will not bite humans. Ladybugs usually fall within top 3 selling items at Garden Centers.

Jiffy Growing Solutions -- Product Showcase @ MANTS
Jiffy Preforma Plugs, Pellets, Substrates, Pots ... It's All About The Roots! Jiffy is the leading global supplier of propagation systems. Our solutions have no limits based on plant type. We use renewable resources and bio-based materials such as peat, coconut coir, pulp and other bio-mass.

Flowers Canada -- MANTS Special: Growers Directory & Buyers' Guide
Flowers Canada Growers is national trade association of Canadian floral industry. The Greenhouse Growers' Directory and Buyers' Guide is a recognized leading publication and valuable resource in the floricultural industry for buyers and sellers of floral greenhouse products.

PlantX (C-Ware Inc) -- MANTS Promotion: 10% OFF Your First Year
Sign up for a free trial at MANTS and receive 10% off for your first year with PlantX. $600 value! PlantX is nursery software as a service. Geared for growers, wholesale and rewholesale nurseries. PlantX is a cloud based software developed specifically for the green industry. Try us FREE for 30 days!

Zanfel Laboratories ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash. Zanfel Laboratories, Inc. is dedicated to producing high quality dermatological consumer products. Zanfel® Poison Ivy Wash continues to retain its dominance in the anti-itch category.

Williams Plantworks -- wholesale nursery ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
We specialize in wax myrtles, crape myrtles, hollies and many other varieties of plants. Nursery Tours are conducted on a pre-scheduled basis. Our inventory includes 25 acres of container material and 55 acres of field material for B&B with ongoing expansion.

Vans Pines Nursery, Inc ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Planting Husky Transplants. Vans Pines Nursery, Inc. is a fourth generation nursery located in West Olive, Michigan. The Van Slooten family has been providing growers with superior quality evergreen and deciduous seedlings as well as beach grass since 1934.

Van Belle Nursery (Bloomin' Easy) ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Propagators and wholesale growers of YoungPlant liners. Van Belle Nursery was established in 1973, with 10 acres and the dream of growing cold-hardy ornamentals for the Eastern market. Today, we grow over 400 varieties of plants on 100 acres in the beautiful Fraser Valley region of BC

Universal Stone Imports (USI) ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Universal Stone Imports is a leading importer of top-quality natural stone products from around the world. We supply our customers from two east coast warehouses, located in New Jersey and North Carolina and a west coast warehouse located in California.

UDS Green Industry Software ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Software for Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape and Garden Center Companies. UDS Green Industry Software the Company supports green industry companies using ActiveApplications (AA) software. AA was designed and written as industry specific set of accounting and business control applications for the green industry.

Techniseal -- polymer sands ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Since 1984, Techniseal has been offering high-end products for the installation, maintenance, and protection of outdoor living spaces. A world leader in the development of polymer sands and other jointing technologies.

TapOnIt -- text message marketing ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Powerful Messaging ... People are visual. Highlight products, promotions, and calls-to-action by including multiple images, animated GIFs, or even short videos in your messages. Use TapOnIt’s text platform to send up to nine unique images or an animated GIF in one text.

Suntory Flowers Ltd ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Unrooted cuttings from a network of sophisticated propagation partners. Suntory Flowers is part of the Suntory family of companies, encompassing 321 different companies worldwide and more than 38,000 employees.

STILT.PRO Equipment ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Specialized horticultural equipment. At STILT.PRO, we design and build professional horticultural equipment, data collection solutions and visualize your nursery.

Steel Green Manufacturing ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Driven to fulfill the needs of lawn care applicators, Steel Green Manufacturing engineered a line of zero-turn sprayer-spreader machines. Quality, customer service, integrity, and innovation are the core values that inspired us to build this business.

Soul of the Party -- Plant Hanger ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Timeless, nostalgic collections of modern home goods. Based out of Southern California, Soul of the Party is a new, creative manufacturing company that offers timeless, nostalgic collections of modern home goods and accessories for the floral and decorative industry at affordable prices.

Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
One Stop Shop For Ice Melt & Dust Control Products. We are a leading supplier of ice melt, road salt, ice melting products, snow removal products, and dust control products - open and fully supplied 24/7.

Shreckhise Nurseries ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
A Fourth Generation Wholesale grower of container plants and trees. Shreckhise Nurseries, established in 1936, is a wholesale grower of container trees and shrubs located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Root Pouch ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Today, Root Pouch offers a range of sustainable gardening products made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials. Not one drop of new oil, petroleum or fossil fuel is used in their creation. The product line includes plant pots, vertical garden pouches, and erosion & sand bags.

Roger Coffey & Sons Nursery ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
We are a family owned and operated business located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountians. Having over 700 acres in cultivation, our customers can rest assured in knowing that the quality of the stock we offer sets the standard for our competition.

Power Planter -- Augers & Digging Tools ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
At Power Planter®, we create hand-welded earth augers for home gardening, professional landscaping, DIY projects, post hole digging and so much more. Our augers are 100% made in the USA, and each one includes an unconditional guarantee on parts, materials and craftsmanship.

PlantX (C-Ware Inc) ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
PlantX is nursery software as a service. Our all-in-one software is unlike any other because it is constantly being improved upon and we take into account our members needs. Everything from inventory and accounting to reporting and web development, PlantX delivers.

PlantHaven International ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
From Breeder to Market. PlantHaven International is an independent agency providing expert service to plant breeders worldwide in bringing their new plant varieties to market.

The Perennial Farm ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Today we have expanded to 60 acres and we have over 60 greenhouses and an additional 40 outside growing areas. More then half of these greenhouses are heated for year-round growing. The Perennial Farm grows to fulfill the "on demand" needs of our customers.

Paul Boers Manufacturing ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
A Leader in Greenhouse Technology. Since 1958 Paul Boers Ltd. has been providing greenhouse systems across North America. The best available products and service are what you have come to expect from Paul Boers Ltd.

Patterson Nursery Sales ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
We have 2 locations and over 200 acres in production. Since 1986, Patterson Nursery Sales, Inc. has been providing top quality wholesale products to customers around the country.

Pallet Tower, LLC ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
With Pallet TowerTM, growers and distributors in the plant industry can minimize the cost, headache and risk of packing and shipping live plant material. Designed to be equal parts portable, lightweight, recyclable and sturdy, Pallet TowerTM is a patent-pending product that helps streamline your packing, shipping and selling processes into a single one-way system.

Organic Control -- Beneficial Insects ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Organic Control Incorporated, or Orcon, offers a complete line of beneficial insects to the home gardener. Because we know that every garden pest has a natural enemy, we wanted to provide the alternatives people need to control pests without having to use things that are not good for us, our kids, or the earth.

Olney Gardens Wholesale Nursery/Grower ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
As a leading provider of wholesale nursery stock, we take pride in offering the highest quality plants available. Our farm consists of 38 acres of evergreen and deciduous trees, as well as container trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and ferns.

OHP -- Olympic Horticultural Products ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Partners with Solutions. OHP Inc, originally Olympic Horticultural Products, was founded with goal of becoming the leading provider of technology based pesticide solutions for greenhouse and nursery production markets. Today, we are recognized as the leader in this market.

Nicolock Paving Stones ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Nicolock operates the most technologically-advanced hardscape products manufacturing facilities in the world. This allows us to provide you with developments such as Paver-Shield™ surface protection and exceptional color blending in the products that you purchase from us.

Neptune's Harvest -- Organic Fertilizer ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Neptune's Harvest is a division of Ocean Crest Seafoods Inc. As a wholesale fish and seafood company. Still today, our Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer gets made from fresh caught North Atlantic fish right on the docks of Gloucester, MA.

Naturcycle -- Compost, Engineered Soils ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Naturcycle, LLC is a firm focused on providing for all your Compost and Engineered Soil needs. We can offer Landscapers, Site Contractors, Retailers and Institutions the materials they need to build a high quality athletic field, create a better top soil, or grow your green roof.

Natura Products -- Plant Saver System ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Natural Products for Your Home & Garden. “Natura is Latin for Natural” ... So all our products have to be safe, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable!

Mountain Creek Nursery ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Field Grown Specimen Trees. Mountain Creek Nursery is a wholesale producer of container grown stock. We pride ourselves on high-end quality combined with consistent grading to provide our customers with the best plants possible. Every plant is tagged by a Hallum.

Microbial Science Laboratories ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Septic treatment & water clarification. Microbial Science Laboratories uses the most advanced technology for septic treatment & water clarification. Our products contain more than 50 times the beneficial bacteria of other brands in the septic and pond retail markets.

Meadowood Enterprises -- Plant Broker ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Delivering Quality Plants to Landscape Professionals. A Plant Broker You Can Trust! Whether you are a landscaping company or a contractor, Meadowood Enterprises LLC. is here to help you with your residential and commercial landscaping needs.

MCDUFFTOURS -- Sharing Great Gardens ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
We are former Virginia Tech professors living in Blacksburg, Virginia. We organize tours abroad—not just to see beautiful gardens—but to experience the culture & people of each country we visit.

Mayfield Gardens - landscape contracting ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
We grow specimen trees and shrubs on over a 7-acre nursery, as well as manufacture and sell our own premium grade mulch and soils. With more than 70 years of experience in the landscape realm, we know how to deliver quality design/ build services.

May Nursery, Inc ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Wholesale Plant Growers. For four generations, the May family worked the land on successfull tobacco farms, and now for two generations, the family has applied its extensive experience to the nursery business.

Liner Tree Farm Nursery ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Seedling & BareRoot Fruit Trees. We specialize in one gallon and three gallon seedlings and bareroot fruit treesoaks, tulipoplar, chinesepistache, blackgum, elms ,dogwoods, and more!

Legacy Labor -- Nursery/Farm Labor ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
We are a family-owned business committed to helping farmers and nurseries reach their maximum potential by taking labor out of the equation. We work with every unique harvest and crop to provide consistent labor you can count on so you can focus on your other needs!

Le Primitif Galleries ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Helping Haiti Through Art since 1976. Le Primitive Galleries offers Recycled Oil Drum Sculpture in all shapes, sizes, signed, unsigned, painted or in its natural state.

Kohler Outdoor Power Equipment ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Kohler Equipment is an independently owned company that has been serving the professional grounds industry since 1974. We specialize in the sale and service of outdoor power equipment, and have grown to become one of the most comprehensive multi-line dealers in the country.

Knox Horticulture & Nursery ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Bedding Plant Specialist For Over 50 Years. An established second-generation family-run business started in 1962, Knox Horticulture produces a full line of young plants for the greenhouse industry as well as 4-inch finished plants for landscapes and local theme parks. Producing over 150 million plugs and liners from over 700,000 square feet of high-tech greenhouses.

J. Berry Nursery ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Discovering & Delivering Great Plants. J. Berry Nursery's current product line focuses on innovative flowering shrubs; primarily in the rose, hibiscus and hydrangea categories.

InstantHedge ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
InstantHedge is the only nursery of its kind in the US, using revolutionary, proprietary technology to create lush, pre-formed hedge units for instant privacy and design. InstantHedge provides pre-formed hedges equipping any landscape with privacy and elegance in just one day with incredible convenience.

HeatStar by Enerco ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
HeatStar® AG offers a variety of Greenhouse and Nursery heating and CO2 generator options geared to maximizing floral growth efficiently. We offer hose reels so you can make your own assemblies or a completed hose assemblies customized to your specifications.

Hardscrabble Farms -- Wholesale nursery ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
YOUR COMPLETE PLANTING SOURCE ... Specializing in quality plants for your landscaping needs. Hardscrabble Farms is a Wholesale nursery located in Westchester County New York. We are an 80 acre facility offering a large selection of Evergreens, Shade trees, Fruit trees, Flowering trees, Shrubs, Dwarf conifers, Perennials, Grasses, Roses, Ground covers, Ferns and Natives.

H&H Farm Machine -- Sprayers ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Building Sprayers Your Way - Since 1978! From the founders to the current owners and employees “we build it your way” is still our dominant theme when building sprayers.

Grower Direct Supply ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Your One-Stop Supplier. With 10+ years devoting in horticultural industry, we have witnessed the thriving of plants and the commitment of growers, and deeply root our corporate culture in details emphasis. Just like the full-hearted progress of plant cultivation, consistently connecting clients with high quality products.

Green Leaf Plants (Aris Horticulture) ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Green Leaf Plants® is the division of Aris Horticulture Inc. that is the wholesale source for quality starter plants, including pre-finished forms for selected products. The Keepsake Plants® division produces finished product for wholesale sales.

Gralan Farms -- wholesale grower ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Quality Wholesale Field-Grown B&B Trees & Shrubs Since 1995 .... Gralan Farms is a wholesale grower of ornamental field-grown B&B trees and shrubs.

Foxborough Nursery, Inc ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Foxborough Nursery, Inc. is a wholesale nursery, selling to the trade only. Established in 1978, we are well known in the horticultural industry for specializing in rare and unusual plant material.

Flowers Canada Growers association ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Flowers Canada Growers is the national trade association of the Canadian floral industry. Our members across Canada include greenhouse growers, distributors and importers/exporters all dealing with cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, cut greens and specialty suppliers and services to the industry.

EZ Shipper Racks / Logistics ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
A New EZRack for the Future. Serving nurseries nationwide for 20 years and counting. We saw that nurseries and retailers needed returnable packaging that fit perfectly in trucks. So we worked with them to build our patented EZRack, available to rent or buy.

Excelsa Gardens -- exotic plants ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Excelsa Gardens was established in 1990 and was quickly recognized as the place to obtain the “out of the ordinary” cultivars. Plants such as heliconias, gingers, bananas, palms, alocasias, ferns, bromeliads and orchids to name a few are grown to perfection.

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Ewing provides landscape, irrigation and golf course professionals with the supplies they need to create healthy, sustainable environments. Founded in 1922 as an irrigation distributor, our breadth of products has evolved to include water management solutions, agronomic supplies, landscape lighting, water features, hardscape and erosion control.

ErfGoed BV -- cultivation floors ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
The basis for a healthy and uniform crop. The absolute top in cultivation floors. That is what ErfGoed stands for. The best cultivation system for your crop. Whether it concerns floriculture or vegetable cultivation, breeding, propagation or production, ErfGoed floors have more than proven their value.

Envirem Organics -- Pelletized Compost ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Creating Healthy Soils. We specialize in industrial and organic waste recycling and environmental sustainable waste diversion processes. We manufacture, market and export various organic products including: composts, organic soils, bark mulches, growing medias, potting mixes, organic fertilizers.

EGO -- Cordless outdoor power equipment ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
A breakthrough in every way, EGO is powered by the industry’s first 56-Volt Lithium-Ion battery. This means the entire POWER+ line—the mower, blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and chain saw — has been designed to deliver a new level of performance.

Ecotone, Inc -- ecological restoration ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Using Nature to Restore Nature. Ecotone is an ecological restoration company that designs and builds sustainable ecosystems. Our team strongly believes in our mission of ecological restoration and its importance in our communities.

Dellinger Horticulture greenhouses ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Dellinger Horticulture is a full-service greenhouse construction company. Dellinger Horticulture began in 1993 with its first greenhouse. Our experience ranges from plant and crop growing to the construction of greenhouse structures for bedding plant & cannabis industries.

David's Nursery LLC ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
David's Nursery has grown to over 300 acres growing over 250 cultivars of evergreen, deciduous and perennial plants. Our specialty is pot-in-pot grown woody plants ready for the landscape.

Creation Jute USA -- Gardening Bags ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Creation (Private) Limited focuses on manufacturing and exporting environment friendly semi-industrial and industrial items using natural jute fibre. Creation produces various jute, cotton, coconut coir and handmade macramé products that include different types of Jute Gardening Products.

Corteva Agriscience -- weed control ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
The Future of Turf ... powerful, flexible weed control. Corteva Agriscience™ is the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture.

COL-MET (Collier Metal) ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
The First Choice of Landscape Professionals. COL-MET is the largest manufacturer of steel landscape edging and galvanized nursery sign holders in the industry. COL-MET offers steel lawn edging and accessories for retail and for landscape contractors, as well as a full line of galvanized steel sign holders for retail garden centers.

Coastal Source (D'Asign Botanicals) ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Landscape lighting! With more than 50 years of experience the D'Ascanio brothers have had countless encounters with products boasting lifetime warranties and claiming to be rust-proof, marine quality and 100% corrosion resistant... yet deteriorated in the harsh, coastal environment.

Coast of Maine ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Great Gardens Start with The Best Soils & Fertilizers .... Naturally! We supply organic and traditional bulk and bagged products to the independent garden centers, nurseries and greenhouses. Our unique marine based compost blends bring the benefits of the ocean to anything you are growing.

Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Native Plants for Conservation. Clear Ridge Nursery is a full service plant and product supplier with an experienced staff. We have been growing Native Tree and Shrubs for 24 years and can supply Quality Ornamental plants to meet your needs.

Cambridge Pavingstones (ArmorTec) ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Cambridge with ArmorTec® is a pavingstone brand from an American manufacturer providing Cambridge Pavingstones® with ArmorTec®, Cambridge Wall Systems and outdoor living solutions and kits. Quality without the premium price.

Burley Clay Products ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Since 1923, Burley Clay Product’s has manufactured beautiful, handmade pottery birdbaths and planters in Roseville, Ohio. Our products are sold by fine, independent garden centers, nurseries and birding stores across the United States.

Bloomin' Easy -- Van Belle Nursery ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Look for the blue pot. Bloomin' Easy® is a collection of new & improved ornamental varieties that offer time-strapped homeowners unique aesthetic value and attributes that help make success easier for them.

Bissell Big Green Commercial ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Extractors, Uprights, Canisters, Backpacks, Wide Area Vacuums, Manual Sweepers, Battery Sweepers, Floor. Here at Bissell BigGreen Commercial we are committed to offering the best in professional deep cleaning equipment.

Betsan -- Serene Mosaic Glass Tile ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
A reference company in the field of glass mosaic. Our Collections ... New lifestyles require new products. Betsan Mosaix is a leader in creating unique spaces.

Bennett Plants (wholesale greenhouse) ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
We have grown vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, and a seemingly endless variety of hanging baskets for retail dealers all over Eastern United States. Today our entire operation is dedicated to producing succulents in unique ways.

Bayer Ornamentals -- Life Science ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Turf & Ornamentals Management: Lawn & Landscape, Production Ornamentals. Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture.

BASF -- Turf & Ornamentals ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Based in Research Triangle Park, NC, the BASF Professional Turf and Ornamentals business group develops and markets chemical solutions for improving turf and plant quality through pest management, which includes weed, disease and insect control.

Ball Seed -- World-class breeding ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
North America’s leading wholesale horticultural distributor. It combines extensive experience, innovative thinking and world-class customer service to ensure professional growers have the best products, most efficient tools and dynamic growing solutions.

Babikow Greenhouses ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Wholesale Perennials, Grasses, Annuals & Pansies. Located in Baltimore, Maryland since 1875 --- The mission of Babikow Greenhouses is to enhance the quality of people's lives by producing sustainable plants that thrive in local landscapes.

Angelica Nurseries Inc ... SPONSOR @ MANTS
Wholesale & Supply Store --- Woody Ornamental Plants. Angelica Nurseries produces landscape grade woody ornamental plants for use in the professional nursery trade.

American Takii (vegetable/flower seeds) ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Our mission is to breed, develop and produce superior quality vegetable and flower varieties to meet the full potential of a dynamic market.

AIVAKA (Irrigation Setup/Wireless System) ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Our product are designed to change an existing irrigation setup to a wireless system. Controllers can be connected to the valves, pumps and other controllers without any wires in between. Same controller, same valves, pumps and same flow-sensors, but NO MORE wires to controllers.

Advanced Horticultural Solutions (AHS) ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
Creative solutions for today's greenhouse, field & container growers -- Advanced Horticultural Solutions is a professional sales and marketing organization focused on increasing sales and providing market opportunities for its chosen vendors.

AA Stone IMPEX ... NEW Exhibitor @ MANTS
AA stone Impex is proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacture and Exporters of Slates, Sandstone, limestone, quartzite, Marble and Granite. We have a wide variety of textures, colours, and sizes that fit the needs of every client.


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