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Baccto: Premium Soils, Commercial Grower Mixes, Peat Moss

Where Growing Begins!
Over the past 50 years, BACCTO has earned a reputation for providing products that surpass the standards of discriminating professional growers and home gardeners. That's because we precisely formulate and blend our mixes using only high-quality ingredients to put "nature and science in balance". You can count on our consistent quality in every BACCTO product you use.

Address:     PO Box 980129 Houston, TX 77098-0129
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Phone:    800 324 7328    FAX:  713 522 9060



Premium Potting Soil

Bag of Premium Potting Soil A general, all-purpose potting soil for indoor or outdoor plants in containers and beds, BACCTO Premium Potting Soil provides a special blend of naturally nutritious dark reed sedge peat, perlite, and sand. This formula includes both starter and slow-release fertilizers to provide the best possible plant growth from one easy-to-use product.

  • Perfect as a general purpose potting soil
  • Features starter and slow-release fertilizers
  • Ready to use out of the bag
  • Ideal for growing in containers or beds
  • Natural water holding capacity allows reduced watering - no additional chemicals required

Recommended Applications:

  • Houseplants
  • Rooting cuttings
  • Germinating seeds
  • Bulbs
  • Window boxes
  • Potted plants


  • Reed sedge peat
  • Perlite
  • Sand
  • Limestone
  • Other ingredients

Top Soil

Bag of Top Soil BACCTO Top Soil is formulated to offer a clean, bagged, top soil product, designed to help maintain moisture, microbial, and nutritional balance. Useful in many different applications.

  • Dark blend of reed sedge peat and sand
  • Carefully screened and formulated for consistency
  • Loosens heavy soils
  • Rich organic matter holds nutrients
  • Helps maintain good supplies of water
  • Easy to use right out of the bag

Recommended Applications:

  • Top-dressing lawns and patch work
  • Planting beds
  • Shrub and tree transplant mixtures
BACCTO brand premium soils, peat moss, and commercial grower products are the direct result of our dedication to providing exceptional formulations that contribute to growing the kind of healthy, viable plants you expect. Because our soils contain premium peat from our own sphagnum peat bog in Michigan, you're assured that all BACCTO products provide the optimal growing environment.

To further show our commitment to this industry, we've added a state-of-the-art packaging and processing facility, and have developed additional sphagnum resources in Michigan. And we're committed to providing quality technical support – our staff has more than 30 years of agronomic experience, and BACCTO is affiliated with a number of independent test labs.

About Michigan Peat
As parent to BACCTO, Michigan Peat Company has demonstrated a commitment to providing the discerning home gardener or commercial grower the highest quality growing products in the industry.
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