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*Hans Nelson & Sons Nursery

Wholesale Growers of Trees Since 1965
Hans Nelson started working in a nursery in the late 1920's, learning how to grow many different kinds of plants. He started his own nursery in the late 1930's. He grew different deciduous and evergreen shrubs until the beginning of World War II.

The nursery continues to be a family business dedicated to producing bare root and container one and two year shade, flowering and ornamental trees for the wholesale market. Our staff takes great pride in the trees we produce. Starting with the best under stock we can purchase, we use drip irrigation on all field products. Water and liquid fertilizers are applied when needed. Our trees are staked to produce strong trunks with dominant central leaders. Pruning is done throughout the growing season to produce full limb canopies. Our sales representatives have current product availability and pricing. You can contact your sales representative or our office for product information and availability.

Address:   31020 SE Waybill Rd. Boring, OR 97009
Email:  laura@hansnelson.com     Contact:  
Phone:  (503) 663-3348   FAX:  (503) 663-0138


Bareroot Liners
Acer-Maple, Amelanchier-Serviceberry, Cercis-Redbud, Cornus-Dogwood, Crataegus-Hawthorn, Gleditsia-Honeylocust, Hydrangea, Malus-Crabapple, Platanus-Planetree, Prunus-Cherry & Plum, Pyrus-Pear, Quercus-Oak, Syringa-Lilac, Tilia-Linden, Zelkova.

Available Featured Varieties (email for specific availability to laura@hansnelson.com):

Acer-Maple: Autumn Blaze, Celebration, Sienna Glen, State Street, Crimson Sentry, Deborah, Royal Red, Brandywine, Davey Red, October Glory, Red Sunset, Redpointe, Green Mountain

Amelanchier-Serviceberry: Autumn Brilliance, Cumulus

Cercis-Redbud: Cotton Candy, Eastern, Merlot, Northern Lights, Pink Heartbreaker

Cornus-Dogwood: Galilean, Heart Throb

Crataegus-Hawthorn: Winter King

Gleditsia-Honeylocust: Shademaster, Skyline

Hydrangea: Amethyst, PeeWee, Snowflake

Malus-Crabapple: Cardinal, Coralburst, Emerald Spire, Red Jewel, Spring Snow

Platanus-Planetree: Bloodgood, Exclamation

Prunus-Cherry & Plum: Canada Red, Double Sub, Kwanzan, Snow Fountains, Yoshino, Crimson Pointe, Krauter Vesuvius, Newport, Thundercloud

Pyrus-Pear: Aristocrat, Chanticleer

Quercus-Oak: Bur, Red

Syringa-Lilac: China Snow, Great Wall, Ivory Silk

Tilia-Linden: American Sentry, Greenspire

Ulmus-Elm: Princeton

Zelkova: Green Vase, Musashino, Village Green

Container Grown Liners
Betula-Birch, Carpinus-Hornbeam, Cladrastis-American Yellowwood, Cotoneaster, Diospyros-Persimmon, Liquidambar-Am. Sweetgum, Liquidamber-Tuliptree, Maclura-Osage Orange, Magnolia, Nyssa-Black Tupelo, Pistacia-Pistache, Quercus-Oak, Styrax- Snowbell.

Available Featured Varieties (email for specific availability to laura@hansnelson.com):

Betula-Birch: Heritage, Magical Globe

Carpinus-Hornbeam: Autumn Fire, Fire King

Cladrastis-American Yellowwood

Cotoneaster grafted at 36" and 48"

Diospyros-Persimmon: Magic Fountain

Hamamelis-Witchhazel: Diane

Liquidambar-Sweetgum: Burgundy Blush, Burgundy Flush, Happidaze


Maclura-Osage Orange

Magnolia: Brixton Belle, Elizabeth, Galaxy, Shiraz

Nyssa-Tupelo: Black Tupelo, Red Splyndor, Tupelo Tower



Quercus-Oak: Regal Prince

Styrax- Snowbell: Japanese, Pink Chimes, Snowcone

Intelligent sprayer helps reduce pesticides
This Intelligent Sprayer, demonstrated at Hans Nelson Nursery in Boring, Oregon, uses lasers and an on-board computer to precisely control where and how much pesticide to spray. The Intelligent Sprayer precisely focuses on crops to reduce the amount of pesticides applied to crops. A high-speed laser scanner calculates the crop in the field and guides the pesticide to where it is needed. The sprayer matches the pesticide output to the canopy size and leaf density of the crop in real-time. Such precise applications can significantly reduce pesticide use and reduce contamination of the surrounding environment. The Intelligent Sprayer is being tested in Oregon, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture,and The Ohio State University, and University of Tennessee.

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