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Lallemand Plant Care

Specializing in the development, production, and marketing of yeasts and bacteria.    
Yeast, bacteria, mushrooms: micro-organisms have always lived in harmony with plants, and they are now being recognized for their many agricultural benefits. As an international specialist in micro-organisms, Lallemand Plant Care carefully selects strains for agricultural use, in order to improve plant nutrition, health, and productivity. Joining the Lallemand Plant Care team means collaborating with people who work passionately to de-velop sustainable, efficient, and clean solutions for agriculture professionals, green spaces, and the forestry sector. We are regularly looking to recruit new talent across the globe to help support our commercial, logistical, marketing, production, and research and development efforts.

Address:   151 Skyway Ave Rexdale, ON M9W 4Z5
Email:  info@lallemand.com     Contact:  
Phone:  514-522-2133   FAX: 


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Lallemand Plant Care -- Jet Harvest

Specializes in supplying biological plant protection
Lallemand Plant Care Specializes in supplying biological plant protection, stress reduction and biofertilization products that improve productivity and plant vitality, without undesired pesticide...

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