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*Horizon Plants LLC

Wholesale liner nursery, growing plants in Michigan.
We are a wholesale nursery, growing plants in Michigan. We specialize in flowering woody shrubs, conifers and grafts. We offer quarts (4in deep) in flats of 15 which can be potted directly into one to five gallons. The source of our propagation and cutting material is importance to us. We use mother plants as much as possible to maintain clonal identity. All plants are hand pruned, graded, and potted to maintain quality control and to achieve an even grade of finished plants. Our plants are strong and hardy zone 5. Michigan's last frost date is generally Memorial Day. Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We enjoy what we do and it shows in the product we sell.

Address:   3931 Reamer Rd Lapeer, MI 48446
Email:  Melvyn@HorizonPlants.com     Contact:  
Phone:  810-441-8944   FAX: 


Hardy Woody Shrubs & Conifers

We are propagators of woody shrub & conifer liners for further growing on by other nurseries, garden centers, and landscapers. We supply them in 4.5inch/Quart pots.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find out what you have available?  You may. contact us via e-mail, melvyn@horizonpnts.com, or by phone 810 441 8944 we will send you a current availability via e-mail or mail which ever you prefer. 

What zone is your nursery?     Our nursery is in a zone 4 to 5 area.  Our last frost date is generally Memorial Day.

How old are the plants?    The plants are 2 – 5 years old, depending upon the variety. Plants are released from the nursery when the top growth is well branched and the plants are rooted through the container.

What pot size should plants be potted into?     Generally Quarts are potted into 2 to 5 gallon pots or direct into the field.  All deepening upon plant variety, vigor, time of year, and growing environment.

What growing media/soil do you use?     We use a bark based soil mix with slow release fertilizer. This is to mimic the growing on nurseries environment as much as possible. We minimize the use of folia/liquid feeds as we find plants become reliant on them. Our aim is to aid growth and reduce the risk of planting check and encourage quick establishment. 

Can I order plants not on your availability?    Yes, we can custom propagate plants for you.  Contact us via e-mail, melvyn@horizonpnts.com, or by phone 810 441 8944.

When can I order plants?    You may place your order as soon as you know what you need and when you may need them, anytime of year.  

How do I place an order?     You may contact us via e-mail, melvyn@horizonpnts.com, or by phone 810 441 8944 with your wants list.  You will be sent an acknowledgement via e-mail or mail which ever you prefer.

Is there a minimum order?         No, there isn’t a minimum order.  The quarts come in flats of fifteen.

Can I collect my plants?         Yes, you are most welcome to collect your plants and visit the nursery.

Could I have my plants delivered?         Yes, shipping is done at cost.  Shipping costs are constantly changing so quotes are only valid for 30 days. Smaller orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx ground. Large orders are shipped via our own truck and trailer or on pallets via common carrier. Shipping and packaging are billed to the purchaser.

How do I pay?    We accept cash, check or money order, upon collection or prior to delivery, unless a line of credit is agreed.

One gallon Grafted Plants One & Two years old

We offer a range of coniferous and deciduous grafted plants in one gallon pots. These can be purchased at the one or two year stage. We produce a range of the most popular varieties but can graft specialty plants upon request.

Grafting program Questions: Questions and Answer

What varieties do you graft?   We try to stay as flexible as possible.

Conifers: Cedar, Fir, Ginkgo, Larch, Scotch Pine, Spruce, White Pine

Deciduous: Horse Chestnut, Japanese Maple, Witch-Hazel,

We are all ways looking to expand our range.  If we don’t have something on the availability, give me a call or send me an email and I would be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

What height do you graft?     We graft high, approximately 24 inch, and low.  We can also do the height that you prefer.

What is the minimum order?    Trial orders are fine.  People like to see if the quality and grafting style is suitable for their needs.

When can I have my grafts?    We have two options

One year grafts (One gallons) can be collected / delivered from July 0nward of the year grafted.

Two year grafts (One gallons) can be collected / delivered the following year after they are grafted, from late spring onward.

Do you carry surplus stock so I can try your Product?   Call or email for a current availability.

If you have any further questions please call or email Horizon Plants and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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