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GROWinBAG -- Easy-Fill™ grow bags

a distributor of Easy-Fill™ grow bags.
GROWinBAG™ is an international distributor of Easy-Fill™ grow bags, an Australian designed grow bag invented by family owned company, WHS Australia, who have manufactured Easy-Fill ™ grow bags for more than 20 years. Easy-Fill™ grow bags are heavy duty and made from high quality raw materials with UV additives for durability and extra strength handles for easy maneuverability. Easy-Fill™ grow bags have special root pruning qualities that will promote a healthier, more fibrous root system and prevent root circling within the bag. Substrate (potting mix) in the Easy-Fill™ grow bags can be controlled and kept free from ground contaminants and planting with Easy-Fill™ grow bags will save you water.

Easy-Fill™ grow bags are manufactured to suit all climates and zones. With more than 20 million Easy-Fill™ grow bags sold in over 20 countries, you can be confident that Easy-Fill™ grow bags are the reliable choice for all our customers over many years world wide.

Address:   12500 SW 51 St. Miami, FL 33175
Email:  info@growinbag.com     Contact:  
Phone:  786-245-5320   FAX: 


GROWinBAG : "A grow bag is not cheap when you have to buy it twice" 

We would be more than happy to send you some samples of our GROWinBAG™ grow bags for you to trial if required. We are capable of producing bags of any size; from 1 gallon to bags that are larger than 400 gallons, with a strong enough design to still be movable by the handles with a crane or heavy-duty forklift (as per the pictures in our brochure). 

We manufacture a proven product and have produced over 25 million GROWinBAG™ bags over the last 20 years to over 20 countries worldwide including Australia, the Middle East, the USA and Europe where climates can be very extreme as such our bags are heavy duty and are designed and guaranteed to last at least five years in the full UV exposure of extreme climates.

Our GROWinBAG™ bags promote healthy root growth without the spiralling that occurs in pots and will stand up very stable when filled. 
I think you will find our pricing very economical and our GROWinBAG™ bags delivered to your door would compare very favourably to standard pots for above ground growth with the many favourable growing and handling advantages.

We have shipped to customers in the USA for over 15 years, and we have our base in Florida, so we can deal with you locally and deliver standard bag sizes within 15 days.  We would look forward to the opportunity to assist you with any queries regarding a trial or testing of our bag samples as well as provide a quote.

For further information, please visit our website at www.growinbag.com.

Grow Bag

Empowering your plants & tree to grow better.
GROWinBAG™ is a USA distributor of GROWinBAG™ grow bags; the highest quality heavy duty grow bags available. The GROWinBAG™ grow bags are manufactured to suit all the USA regions and climates.

  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags are made from top quality prime virgin materials. Our grow bags have been tested in the harshest climates from the sub-zero temperatures of the North American winter to the extreme heat of the South West desert region.
  • All components including sewing thread are UV stabilized for strength and durability and all grow bags are subject to strict quality controls.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags have a round bottom design which makes for easy filling and stability.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags are manufactured with additional side drainage holes which assist in air root pruning, promoting superior plant growth and preventing root circling within the grow bag.
  • Substrates in the grow bags can be controlled and kept free from ground contaminants.
  • Growing with grow bags will save water and can be used with drip systems, overheads and hydroponic flood trays.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags are heavy duty with extra strength handles for easy manoeuvrability, thereby reducing the risk of back injuries.
  • GROWinBAG™ grow bags can be made to any size or shape to suit any requirements and can also be printed with a personal company logo or trademark.


Grow fresh herbs! Grow fresh flowers!
Turn any wall into a living green wall or edible wall garden, suitable for many varieties of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Turn any wall or fence into a living Green Wall or Edible Wall Garden

This 9 pocket Wall Garden is made from heavy-duty HDPE which is 100% recyclable and reusable season after season. 

Plant flowers and within a few weeks, the Wall Garden will be draped in beautiful colours of your favourite blossoms.  Grow organic herbs like rosemary, oregano, mint and basil and your kitchen will have an endless stock of fresh herbs to use in your cooking and drinks. 

Herbs are kept clean and away from pets and rodents.  Unlike other wall gardens that require brackets to be installed, this Wall Garden hangs on 3 hooks (not included). 

Perfect for balconies and urban gardens.

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